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Q1. Is the survey free?

A1. Yes, if it is in or near our normal areas of operation. We will let you know in advance if this is not the case.

Q2. Do you make double-glazed sash windows?

A2. No, we have chosen not to provide a double-glazing service due to the inherent problems: ie. The glazing units have a short life span in timber; and the units are too thick and too heavy which creates problems with the weights needed to balance the sashes.
Other businesses do provide this service but, in my view, they are not honest about the short life the product would have, in contrast to single-glazed units, which should have a much longer life. Therefore it would be a service we could not guarantee. Conservation Officers are being lobbied by double glazing companies who say they can produce slim double-glazed units, so that period windows can be re-glazed. Of course because of the increasing popularity of energy conservation, the double-glazing industry and glass manufacturers would be quite happy to keep on producing two panes of glass per unit for the same window every 10-20 years, in the process using vast amounts of energy to keep their kilns constantly in use, producing new glass.
Providing you look after the timber frame surrounding the single pane of glass, and you draught-proof the windows and insulate your home, but still allow a healthy flow of air through your house and to allow period properties to breath, you should only require 1 pane of glass per 100 years. In contrast the same window using double-glazing might well require 10 panes if a double glazed unit lasts for 20 years, or more likely 20 panes if the units last just 10 years. Which is the more energy efficient and cost-effective solution overall, that is the question?

Q3. Is single glazing cheaper than double-glazing to install?

A3. Yes, there is a significant cost saving.

Q4. Is the energy efficiency of draught-proofing windows the same as double-glazing?

A4. Draught-proofing/upgrading your sash windows is up to 80% energy efficient compared to double-glazing.
Energy efficiency rating is based on a “low cost”, “high cost” or “further measures”. Due to the high cost of double-glazing it falls into the “further measures” category and has a 100 year payback period. Double-glazing on a scale of 1-100 has a poor rating of 2-4 points. Therefore double-glazed windows do not improve the energy efficiency as much as people are led to believe. Refurbishment of existing windows has 40x less energy consumption than replacing with new windows. However the “u value” of a window only contributes 20-30% of a window’s efficiency. Air leakage counts for up 70-80% of a window’s efficiency, which is greatly reduced by fitting “Conservation Joinery’s” draught-proofing system. Noise reduction too is reduced by up 10 decibels.

Q5. Do you require scaffolding to carry out your refurbishment work?

A5. Generally no. All of our work can be carried out from the inside except for curved “in plan” windows where the sashes are removed externally. Sometimes on a comprehensive refurbishment project, for example if the roof of a property is being repaired, it could be worth while scheduling the redecoration externally from the scaffold for ease of access after our work is complete.

Q6. Do you leave a mess?

A6. No we take pride in cleaning up properly and our “Henry” vacuum cleaners certainly earn their keep at the end of each job!

Q7. Is there a reduced VAT rate for listed buildings?

A7. Conservation Joinery Ltd charge the Refurbishment/Upgrade service of existing windows and doors at the reduced VAT rate of 5%. This includes any Ancillary repairs or hardware used in repairing a window or door so that it can be successfully Draught proofed.
Any New Joinery, Windows or doors is charged at the standard 20% Vat Rate, apart from a percentage of the new item which can be Charged at 5%. This is based on the current upgrade charge. This amount can be quoted to you if you ask the CJ Ltd Main Office in Nantwich.
Here is the link to the Government website which gives the rules on what VAT registered businesses charge to their customers. The ruling on what CJ Ltd charge is based on the information and rules within these documents.
There are  some instances where a zero VAT rate can be charged for example if  a building has been empty for over 2 years. If you think your project or building is eligible for reduction or Zero Rating on VAT usually a certificate is required. Reading through the building Notices 708 or speaking to the VAT office may assist you in your queries.

Q8. Will I get a guarantee?

A8. There is a five year guarantee on all new window work and a 2 year guarantee on all in situ repairs and splices.

Q9. Can sash windows be reinstated into my property?

A9. Yes we can install new sash windows into your property if you are in a conservation area or in a listed building. Outside a conservation area you have to check with your local planning department to see whether you can re-install single-glazed period replica sash windows.