Wood Repair

Wood Repair to Replace Failed Sections

Wood Repair

Replacing Individual Sashes

Where necessary, new sashes can be made using traditional methods, copying the original mouldings.

Midrail showing groove for draught-proofing strip

Bottom left corner of sash

Bottom right corner of sash

Replacing Window Cills

Where existing cills are beyond repair, old cills/external nosings (if rotten)will be removed and new full width hardwood cills will be fitted. By replacing the cill, the lower part of the box frame is re-built using the epoxy resin and fitting new half pulley styles, which will be as good, if not better, than the original frame.

Glazing Repairs

All broken/cracked panes of glass will be replaced with 4mm clear, float glass (unless otherwise stated, a small stock of re-claimed glass is held). Cracked and loose putty will also be replaced.

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