New Sash Window Specification


Sapele hardwood cill on box frame with Treated high quality red deal pine upper part of frame.

Sashes made with high quality red deal pine, the upper sash having a sapele hard wood mid-rail, and the lower sash having a sapele hard wood bottom rail.

Sashes and box frame can be fully made from Hardwood but this will alter the price of the window from our listed prices when we quote for new windows.

Design & Profile Mouldings:

The design of our sash windows incorporates the traditional weights & pulley system.

The profile mouldings of which there are too numerous to mention are made to match the profiles within a property, area or period. Sometimes consultation is needed with your Conservation Officer and CJ Ltd offers this service on Confirmed work. However if professional drawings of your property are required you will need to employ an Architect. This service is not usually required if you are not changing the outer appearance or configuration of your windows.

Draught Proofing:

The new box sash windows incorporate the exitex polypropylene pile weather strip system.

Please see the Draught Proofing page.


High Quality bearing guided Brass pulleys and alloy sash fasteners fitted as standard.

British Brass Locks/catches and Sash fitted at extra cost.

For Pictures and other metal finishes Please see the Furniture Options page.

Weights (Possible additional charges):

Unfortunately due to the increase of raw materials, we have to start charging for supplying sash weights with new windows and for the use of lead additional weights.

If new weights are supplied where there are no existing original sash weights in the window after being removed. There will be an additional charge. Sometimes there cast sash weights stored in period properties and if they are on or around the correct weight we can use these. This will save you money.

On existing sash windows where we reclaim the original weights we can re-use them. However we may need to use make weights to re-balance the new window. Lead additional weights are £1.70 + VAT per 1LB.

Glazing & Finishing:

Traditionally single glazed, and putty beaded. The timber on all new windows are primed with Dulux Preservative Basecoat and hand painted with 2 x coats of “Dulux Weather Shield” undercoat (White). After which the windows will be installed with fresh putty which will need to cure externally then a further undercoat and top coat should be done others with the “Dulux” weathershield paint system. This will ensure the 8 year Dulux guarantee on the paint system.


Conservation Joinery’s sash windows are made to the highest standards possible.

We are not a mass manufacturing unit, we make the windows individually and with the care and attention they deserve..


Conservation Joinery’s windows are fitted with care - we pride ourselves on the service we provide. Many Customers will testify in the High standard of the windows and also the professional installation