Sash Window Draughtproofing System

Product Data

Product Name : Weather-Strip.

The Weather-Strip is carried in Plant on Pile Carrier.

Cross-section showing draught-proofing strip

Product Description

Weather-Strip is composed of a working section of perpendicular pile fibres attached to a flexible backing.

Chemical Properties

Pile- silicone treated polypropylene yarn.

Backing- Extruded polypropylene Compound.

Physical Properties


As specified +0.25mm-0.12mm.

Base Width:

As specified +/-0.1mm.




As specified.

Air Infiltration

Test Results

Weather-Strip has been tested in accordance with British Standard 7368; Standard specification for draught-strips for the draught control of existing doors and windows in housing and has satisfied the requirements of the standard.

Air Infiltration Tests

Where the Weather-Strip is subject to an applied Pressure in steps of 10 Pa to a maximum of 100 Pa and the air loss is noted, the air loss figures for Weather-strip do not exceed the values given in BS 7386.

UV Tests

The yarn used in Weather-Strip has been subject to UV tests equivalent to over 7.5 years of sunlight.


The weather-strip has a manufacturer's guarantee of 5 Years.